Interactive Cubic Office




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Rotation of work and entertainment spaces creates a harmonious design setting


ENGINEERING OFFICEThe designers were faced with the task of converting a tight and constrained site with high ceiling into a functional comfortable working space that contains seven space requirements for their client. In order to fulfil their clients’ expectations, a reshuffle of the typical office programme was done to challenge normative office culture. The reshuffling was also done to strike a balance between work & leisure, privacy & interaction, and contained & open spaces.

working space

ENGINEERING OFFICEENGINEERING OFFICEENGINEERING OFFICEThe high ceiling provided the space for the designers to put seven areas together. The floating-like mezzanine floors were designed to create vertical interaction and efficiency in overlooking the working space. Breaking the conventional way of cubism orientation, the director and entertainment rooms were rotated, becoming the main focal point of the entire office space.

working space

ENGINEERING OFFICEThe main attraction of the office space is a mural light bulb artwork made by a local artist. Located on the mezzanine floor, the artwork makes the office design stand out as an exclusive impacting visual identity that surprises and attracts clients and employees. Captivating positive inspirational quotes at various places turn the office space into an energising unique workplace. The introduction of red into the workspace potentially arouses passion and raises mental energy, resulting in improvements in employee productivity.


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