Naturally Bright Restaurant




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A natural sense of spaciousness and airiness fills the ambience of this restaurant

The Bassment Bar

SHOP LOTThe Bassment bar and restaurant is a newly established dining venue that brings coffee and food lovers together. Designed to have a bright and natural look, the restaurant has clean horizontal lines, which add a safe and secure feeling to the space. White is the primary colour of the entire establishment. With the use of the palest pastels, the surroundings have a sense of openness, airiness, rest, and liquidity. Plants were added to enhance the look and feel of the environment.

SHOP LOTSHOP LOTDouble volume ceilings

SHOP LOTThe double volume ceilings at the ground floor give a sense of spaciousness. The primary source of lighting is natural lighting from the entrance. Pendant lighting adorns the cashier counter area. There is a sense of nostalgia at the restaurant’s wall feature, which has photo tiles of yesteryears icons such as Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, a Star Wars stormtrooper, Darth Vader, Bruno Mars, Bruce Lee, and Muhammad Ali.

SHOP LOTSHOP LOTbasementThe basement of the restaurant takes a different design approach with a raw and rustic feel. This creates a down to earth experience. The performance space is suitable for live bands and parties. At the stairway lays photos of memorable moments at the restaurant and cases of ammunition that leave a sense of history and nostalgia. Pendant lighting adorn the ceiling spaces while providing illumination.


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