Reliving A Wonderland




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Celebrate, dine and play in a reimagined world of the past, present and future within the house of Mamee Double Decker.


Ma-mee.” That is the blurted line blue monster mascot would crunched out in every commercial advertisement. It never gets old. Back then, the Mamee Monster snack is noted as one of the most popular choices. Making a comeback in the 20th century, Mamee opens its new flagship restaurant rested on the rooftop garden of 163 Retail Park Mont’ Kiara.

mameeA modern take from the first-ever, timeless Mamee Jonker House located on the renowned streets of Malacca, this eatery joint is housed for little ones to express their creativity. People from various age groups are welcomed as much to revoke their fond childhood memories. Granting them wonder with the well-thought out spaces, that is the intent of interior designer firm Sprout Design.

mameeFun and vibrant, the Mamee’s Jonker House is plastered with its brand inspired colours of royal blue, bright yellow accompanied by a dash of hot red. Lastly but not least, the white balances out the colour jumble. Like chivalrous butler, patrons are startled by zippy wide-eyed Mamee monster entrance, greeting them with its huge smile fixed with an automated glass-door.

The hallway extends to the sphere-shaped concierge donned in white marble-top, layered in yellow noodle strips and blue base. Instead of couches surrounding it, the designer made room for the bright-lit, digital display racks, console tables and kiosks for Mamee’s merchandises from goodies, attire, plushies and stationaries – you named it.

Dining Area

mameeSpicing things up, the play of materials is certainly not to be overlooked when it comes to its conception. The floor initially started with imported high-grade vinyl floor. Skillfully, the next ledge of the floor is mix-matched with other materials to create zonings which carries different space functions in the restaurant. The scene changes as one entered a concrete-looking tiled area that mingles with the white ceramic-patterned pathway.

mameeArdently, patrons are seated to dine whilst looking down to the lively streets. It is only versatile to spawn another sphere workstation. Mostly in white, the marbled and wood-paneled structure is sheltered in painted metal frames. Certain sections of the workstation is decorated with vintage grey-patterned tiles where it serves beverages and desserts for the meals of the day.

mameemameeNot forgetting, the merriment of wood and rattan bring about quaint memories of the brand’s history. Be it light or dark wood, its articulation of texture and colours exude its endless artistry even down to the array of furniture of the dine area. Spontaneously, the seating order transitions to the royal blue plushed bench fraction to accommodate more patrons. Imagine sitting on Malacca’s trishaw, except this one has a boxed roof trellis sprouted with plants in it.

Workshop Area

mameeNow, for the moment every child would dream of – the fun bustle! The third bulkiest sphere comes into the picture: the playground, schemed as if it is on cloud nine. Excited ones would be able to climb wooden stairways buffered with colourful cushioned walls. Later, they would scurried down to the grassy ground.

Play does not just stop there when the designer devised the spaces for Mamee’s workshops called Lil Monster Kitchen and Noodle Doodle. Uniquely as its own right, the kitchen workshop exposes its scaffolding ceiling where light fixed above for little chefs making their noodle snacks.

mameemameeMeanwhile, the Noodle Doodle station is flamboyantly elevated, doodled with a Mamee graffiti ceiling. All the kids need to do is to look up for inspiration for their doodles, just a perfect day-out for a birthday theme party. As a whole, the whimsical juxtapositions are a work of art to be acclaimed.

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