Hygiene Heroes – Keeping the Nasties at Bay


With the COVID-19 pandemic being in the fore fronts of everyone’s minds these days, it is important that we take the necessary precautions to step up our hygiene game and add these useful sanitary items to ensure that everyone will be able to stay safe and clean throughout the day.

Agrow Corporation will prepare you with the necessary hygiene heroes to fight off unwanted germs and bacteria.


1. Smart Hand Washing Systems

With emerging technologies, not only do we love our smart phones, we can now enjoy smart hand washing systems and sensor faucets – which of course makes washing your hands a lot easier and hygienic. The Akron Sensor Faucet with integrated liquid soap dispenser allows its users to maintain hygiene by activating it with no touch. In addition, the SMIXIN smart hand washing system allows proper and comfortable handwashing with 90% less water and up to 60% less soap.


2. Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Fungal Floor Mats

Shimabun Sugra is a non-slippery PVC grating floor mat that prevents bacterial development to form on floors of wet areas. This same non-slip feature also reduces the risk of slipping within the facility. With its simplistic design, durability, and easy maintenance, the Shimabun Sugra can be integrated into various facilities, e.g. schools, restaurants, or fitness studios. It is available in nine colours to accommodate your choice.

3. Portable Hand Washing Station

Hand sanitisers do come in handy when there is no facility to wash your hands but is that really enough? It is proven that hand sanitisers do not 100% get rid of germs and bacteria, hence washing your hands with water and soap is still the best way to go. With Toppla Portable Hand Washing Station, it has never been easier to wash your hands anywhere, anytime.

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