In Unison with Nature

Dekton Bathroom – Sky


Cosentino, the leading global Spanish company in the production and distribution of innovative surfaces for the world of architecture and design has unveiled “The Collection” – an launch of its new colours and series that is breathtakingly unique and pretty. “The Collection Dekton® 2020” is a collection that combines four colour series, each of which has its own distinctive personality, brimming with innovative designs, styles and radiant features.

Dekton® Liquid

Cosentino commissioned pattern experts and designers, Anna Murray and Grace Winteringham of PATTERNITY, to create a collection for Dekton®. Inspired by Liquid, each colour is aesthetically innovative and centres around the beauty of nature, environmental awareness and celebrates sustainable design practice.

Liquid Sky – A swirling, marbled, cloud-like pattern that explores the movement of gravity, the interplay of the elements, and pays homage to swirling energy and perpetual motion.

Dekton Liquid Sky. Image Credit – Alberto Rojas


Liquid Shell – Celebrating subtlety and softness, Liquid Shell is inspired by the moon, in union with the ocean’s tide. The pearlescent shade resembles the rippling pattern of the ocean floor.

Dekton Liquid Shell. Image Credit – Alberto Rojas


Liquid Embers – Liquid Embers is reminiscence of magma, the cross of endings and new beginnings.  The dark, carbon-like design visualises the alchemy of the elements.

Dekton Liquid Embers. Image Credit – Alberto Rojas


Another remarkable innovation is Avant-Garde ‘20 , where trailblazing shades make a big impact in a varied interior design spaces.

Avant-Garde ‘20

Laurent – This unique colour stands out for its complexity and beauty. Its surface texture plays with different shades and nuances, through which gold veining takes pride of place and brings warmth to a deep, dark background.

Dekton Kitchen – Laurent


Helena – Helena provides the depth that is characteristic of onyx, where white and grey tones are balanced with a delicate crackling effect. Its remarkable beauty and shine gives it a unique personality that befits any space.

Dekton Bathroom – Helena


Khalo – Applying the Dekton® XGloss technology, Khalo features a spectacular shine that emphasises its complex and colourful structure. Intense blacks, pale golds and toasted browns combine to create a colour that is original and unique.

Dekton Kitchen – Khalo


The other two series in “The Collection” are Dekton® Chromica, a series designed in collaboration with Daniel Germani Designs that captures the sensitivity of nature and Portfolio ‘20 series in five exclusive shades for those who love colours inspired by classic styles and natural tones.

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