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Spread the world map open and chances are that in every corner of the world, there are pockets of interesting cities and places to visit. Even in the most far-flung countries there will be an attraction that beckons you to visit. Amidst all this interesting locales, there is one destination that is a must-visit in every globetrotter’s repertoire and that is Bali, Indonesia. The mere mention of Bali evokes images of rich heritage, elaborate architecture, and a plethora of culture and tradition. 

Famed as the Land of Gods, Indonesia’s most famous island captivates and entices visitors into never leaving and rightly so as Bali’s charm is boundless. From the beaches and scenic routes of Seminyak and Kuta to the rich and intricately carved temples that can be found almost everywhere, Bali is spellbinding and it is where people from across the globe come to revel in the excitement, relax, and rejuvenate. 

Now, imagine if you could experience and relish in the beauty and wonders of Bali, for the rest of your life without having to travel. Wouldn’t it be nice to escape the hustle and bustle of the city life and immerse in the relaxing attributes of Bali? Does it all sound too fanciful? It doesn’t have to be anymore as S P Setia has launched its newest property development, Setia Mayuri in Semenyih to still the wanderlust in you. Setia Mayuri is a boutique development project that exquisitely weaves the intricate artistry and charm of Balinese culture.

According to the General Manager of Setia Mayuri, Mr. Koh Sooi Meng, the idea for the resort-like properties took root when the team visited the site and was greeted by the sight of lush greenery, rolling hills, and a serene vibe. After the recce, the team went back to the drawing board and brainstormed on the concept that would work for this piece of land. Koh explains that the team was unanimous on the tropical concept but picking an inspiration was challenging, as there are so many tropical spots across the globe. 

“Among some of the contenders were Hawaii, Maldives, Koh Lipe, Tahiti, and Langkawi but in the end Bali won hands down. Some of the other locations are undoubtedly amazing but Bali has a certain allure, charm, and magic that has people going back again and again,” said Koh. “So having decided on Bali as our muse, the team flew out for an exploration trip to Bali and some of the 6- and 5- star hotels there, with the objective of replicating the luxury, glamour, and excellence nestled within these hotels. We wanted to build Setia Mayuri to be an intimate place of elegance and pleasure,” further explained Koh. 


“Setia Mayuri is unique in every way and it is a project we are immensely proud of, which brings us to the name for this property project. Mayuri is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘mayur’ to mean peacock and we  felt this name was apt for the development as the peacock is alluring and captivating to the eyes and mind. Furthermore, its dazzling train of sapphire and emerald feathers perfectly represents the richness of this enclave’s resort style landscape and soothing facilities,” explained Koh. 


Setia Mayuri is a replica of Bali within Malaysia and it is par excellence. The 209-acre enclave of refined luxury and relaxed living rises from the lush hills of Broga to tempt and inspire while bathed in the emerald glow of nature’s foliage. Setia Mayuri speaks to the heart and soul of individuals looking for a realm that will enfold them in the warm embrace of serenity and relaxation. Taking after the peacock, Setia Mayuri is a low-density, freehold, and individually-titled township that is made up of two residential parcels and one commercial centre, Baris Place. The residential precinct features a total of 136 bungalows and 318 semi-D units that depict the resort ambiance.

“When we embarked on this project, we conceived a tagline for Setia Mayuri, which is ‘your everyday holiday home’ and we want to live up to that by building homes that truly resemble a resort. When we think of resorts, one of the first things that come to mind is the spaciousness and the privacy it offers holiday-goers and all our homes within Setia Mayuri mirror this,” said Koh. 


The Charm of Mandara is the first of 2 residential villages in Setia Mayuri. The first phase features a total of 18 bungalows and 46 semi-D units. The built-up of the semi-D units range from 2,483 to 2,518 sq ft (land size: 3,149 to 6,723 sq ft) while that of the bungalows are from 2,878 to 3,573 sq ft (land area: 5,612 to 9,690 sq ft). With only four to five units per acre, the homes are well spaced out to give occupants the privacy that is rare in most property developments. 

Immediately after the successful first launch, Phase 2 which consists of another 36 semi-D units was recently launched in December 2019. and to date 50% is already snapped up. Fondly referred to as Kayana, the semi-D units in Phase 2 retains many of its elements from Phase 1 that has made it such an enviable property but it has also made some enhancements  such as enlarging the kitchen area and land area of approximately 20 ft for homeowners to create their own garden.

Through the Setia Mayuri project, S P Setia has outdone itself and set a new precedence by attempting something unique while at the same time giving individuals the opportunity to own a luxuriant property. According to Koh, S P Setia is the first developer to attempt the Balinese concept in the Semenyih corridor and it has exceeded expectations. The semi-D units in Phase 1 is completely sold out while Phase 2 (comprising only semi-D units) was launched in December 2019 and to date 50% is snapped up. .

Inhabited by an elitist community, Setia Mayuri boasts unmistakable resemblance to Bali starting from the ‘Candi Bentar’ or split gateway that greets people. In Bali, it is believed that the two sides represent the Balinese concept of duality and the importance of balance between dark and light forces and once you drive in, various architecture ranging from elaborate gates to interesting looking structures that was specially flown in from Bali are strategically placed to give Setia Mayuri its authenticity. The homes feature an open-plan design and comes with land space for home owners to indulge in landscaping to match the Balinese theme to complete their abode. Understanding that security is paramount, the township’s security features include perimeter fencing, Setia Auxiliary Police, single-point entry/exit via the sole guardhouse and individual home security systems.

As sustainability is the current rage, landscaping plays a pivotal role in Setia Mayuri specifically in Lamantara – the 4.77 acre central park, which is designed to be sustainable. Koh explained that before they started developing the land, it was home to trees that were more than 50 years old so to preserve the environment, S P Setia decide to replant them at Lamantara and today we have at least 100 mature trees that provide much needed greenery to the surrounding. 

To keep the design concept seamless and continuous, Lamantara will also have split Balinese-style gates, pagodas, and pavilions. The Instagrammable park which is also perfect for weddings and pre-wedding shoots, will have people arriving in droves. Wherever you are, this enchanting Balinese garden will evoke joy and tranquility, bathing the community in a glow of contentment.

With the Setia Mayuri township gaining traction rapidly with present and future homeowners and within the surrounding community, the team at S P Setia were in the opinion that to ensure Setia Mayuri is self-contained and to enable residents to enjoy a lifestyle of convenience the township needed a retail avenue that will appeal to people from all walks of life and with that Baris Place was established. Set on the edge of the township, Baris Place comprises three blocks of terraces paraded in a row contains a total of 32 lots of shops and offices.  

Strategically built to face Jalan Broga, Baris Place is ideal for a variety of business such as F&B, lifestyle, and essentials and it will draw traffic from nearby upcoming townships and Nottingham University, which is just metres away. Designed to mimic the façade of European storefront,  Baris Place will definitely appeal to youngsters and adults alike.  Presently, 95% of the shop lots comprising of 2- and 3- storey units have been taken up with most of the buyers being repeat customers.

S P Setia is a reputable developer that has been in the property industry for a significant period. As the 12-time winner of FIABCI Malaysia Property Awards, S P Setia has perfected the art of building beautiful homes and with this winning formula, it is no surprise that their property projects enjoy overwhelming response from potential homeowners. The developer’s ability to anticipate the needs and expectations of homeowners and to provide it to them speaks volumes of their aptitude and the testament of their success and reputation lie with their customers who are confident and loyal to the developer and their range of products. 


“As the saying goes, the god is in the details, which is why we pay attention to every minute detail from the planning stages to ensure the end product is one that exceeds the expectations of potential homeowners. All our homes are built from the heart and we want to make sure every home owner is proud to be associated with our group, S P Setia,” concluded Koh.

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