Marvellously Matte


BlueScope’s latest COLORBOND® MATT steel will steal the hearts of many

An iconic Australian brand with a strong heritage, COLORBOND® steel has been in the industry for over 50 years and has made a name for themselves in the building and construction industry. They have successfully advanced technologically year on year and are known for their versatile and high quality steel building material.

With that, newly launched COLORBOND® MATT steel has finally arrived to the shores of Malaysia. With the goal of being the leading brand for matte finishings and setting a benchmark for the rest. Boasting an impressive list of features – COLORBOND® MATT steel is set to steal the hearts of architects, designers and homeowners alike.

This new series of COLORBOND® steel gives a design alternative for clients and allow them to have the freedom of expression without restriction. Besides that, the COLORBOND® MATT steel is designed with durability, performance, compliance and sustainability in mind, without the need to sacrifice its aesthetically properties. Making it both functional and fetching.

Moreover, this latest series has managed to attack the issue of building glares that cause visual discomfort. This can usually be observed in city centres – places with skylines and tall buildings. Glares are not caused by the colours used but in actuality relates to the characteristics of the surface. Which is why COLORBOND® MATT steel was developed to overcome visual discomfort caused by mirror-like reflection. In conjunction, BlueScope’s Thermatech® Solar Reflectance Technology, allows more reflection of the sun’s heat and reduces heat stress, allowing the minimal dependency on air conditioning.

Other than that, Bluescope’s Clean Technology is incorporated into COLORBOND paint system, which prevents dirt from bonding to the surface – making it the best defence against tropical staining. Committed to quality, constant improvement and proven by credible studies, COLORBOND products can endure the test of time to be the most suitable external cladding material.

Available in a number of stylish neutral matte finishing, the COLORBOND® MATT series offers not only quality but also variety. The design possibilities are endless and now clients can create timeless designs that are both stylish and sophisticated. They can choose between the Winter Matt, Scallop Matt, Coffee Matt, Hidden Matt, Graphite Matt or Eclipse Matt.