Structured Nuances


Furbishing a space is an exercise that is complex as it is exciting and not everyone is blessed with the gift on envisioning a space that promises to be bold, beautiful, and beguiling and bringing it to life. But David Dana and his team are in a league of their own when it comes to interior designing

To every home owner, designing the interior of their home is such an important decision that needs to be considered very carefully. It is said that the interior design of your home can affect the mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing of the occupants therefore it is so important to make the right design decisions and not to mention it is an investment of time and money. Designed rightly, you will have a space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing and your home becomes the place you retreat and recharge after a long day.

Engaging a good interior design firm is pivotal to making sure the space is used cleverly and reflects the personality of its occupant. For the apartment located in Sante Fe, Mexico City, the owner engaged the design firm Taller David Dana Arquitectura (TDDA) located in Mexico City to create a high-quality space through a creative interaction of materiality, shape and structure and TDDA nailed the brief.  With a team of experienced designers and architects whose focus is on interdisciplinary collaborative workflow, TDDA believes in achieving perfection through their works and the quintana apartment is a testament to that.

Making timber the hero of this space is ingenious as natural wood is a fascinating material as it is able to bring warmth, textures, patterns, and colours into modern interior design and decorating. Timber is timeless as it is elegant and versatile that it would be perfect for any types of home, be it country or modern. And within the heart of the city, bringing a spot of nature to the home is clever for it enables the occupants to feel closer to nature.  As soon as one steps into the apartment, the eyes are riveted by the play of textures, materials, and shades of colours that contrast brilliantly against the woody elements that make up the space.

Spanning 2,831 sq ft, the sprawling interior is a picture of zen, where timber dominates and hues of black and grey play supporting roles that is important to ensuring the success of this space. The dining area greets the eye and it is a sight to behold. Black dining chairs give a respite from the woody elements that make up the dining table and the wall adjacent, to it. Storage spaces are cleverly concealed behind the wall giving the space a clean and pretty finish.

As one makes way into the living room, the space is immediately enlarged and brightened by sunlight streaming in through the glass and the use of timber ceiling beams. Exposed ceiling beams can make an ordinary room remarkable. Not only do they draw the eyes up but they also make a big design statement without taking up any square footage. Using only a few furniture items in bold colours such as copper armchairs, gunmetal grey sofa settee and a coffee table in marble, the living area is a marvel to look at.

Taking cue from the living and dining areas, the bedrooms too adopt a minimalistic approach albeit in a tasteful manner. From the slat wall against the bed to the flooring and accent furniture, timber is the highlight of the bedroom. Sunlight stream through the window and livens up the area with natural light. The light grey carpet juxtaposes against the timber and hues of white within the space. The bathroom takes on a lighter note as the walls, fittings and furnishings all adopt a light brown timber tone that goes hand-in-hand with white walls and ceiling.

The prudence in the nuances of the materials emphasizes with a bold accent the furniture. The texture always draws the material with selected veins for each environment, which together with the development of the straight line make up a space for a user who understand the significance of details.

For the Quintana apartment, the team at TDDA developed a detailed understanding of the necessities and functions they must fulfil for this project and applied it tastefully to ensure the space is an embodiment of modern contemporary yet classy, elegant, and luxuriant.


David Dana,
Founder of Taller David Dana Arquitectura

“I am a hardworking person who is motivated to develop a rigid balance between the two main sides of our profession, design & construction.”