The Art of Luxury in Bathrooms


The bathrooms of today provides a safe haven for individuals who want to unwind after a long day therefore it is pivotal to create a sanctuary. When it comes to the bathroom, a little luxury sets the mood for relaxation and comfort, whilst keeping to its functional purpose for hygiene.

In the past, the role of a bathroom was designed to be a place focused only for personal hygiene and grooming took place and it was furnished sparsely with furniture that served specific needs. However, today we have made huge advancements from a bathroom that merely serves its purposes to a room where we find comfort and solace from a busy day out in the office or caring for the family at home.

Since 1972, Bina Warehouse has established itself as the leading household name in the Malaysian bathroom and kitchen industry offering world-recognized award-winning labels. Bina Warehouse has since fitted out notable private homes for the discerning individuals including the royalty, private residential developments, hotels, and class A offices.

Among the many imported luxury brands is Meir – an Australian company that designs and manufactures premium architectural tapware in a range of finishes, including Matte Black, Tiger Bronze, and Champagne; all with an emphasis on modern design and clean lines. Designed with the assistance of leading Australian architects, Meir crafts each piece from concept to production at the highest standards.

Matte Black Tapware

Redefining modern minimalism, Matte Black is subtle yet elegant. This collection dares to push the boundaries of luxury tapware, in an ever-changing landscape where design trends shift away from the traditional chrome. When combined with white fittings, it creates a clean and eye-catching look that elevates your bathroom design.

Tiger Bronze

Utilising the natural charm of bronze and copper, Tiger Bronze adds a unique character through its brushed black undercoating and clear lacquer coating. The brushed gold tone complements a wide range of colours, and provides an amazing highlight when paired with natural elements or soft pastels. Tiger Bronze adds an elegant touch of bespoke luxury to create a polished and grandeur bathroom design.


Meir’s signature Champagne finish is the most elegant offering in Meir’s range. As a pursuit of perfection, the sophisticated combination of Chrome and Rose-Gold makes Champagne the unmistakable choice for an ultra-premium experience. The Champagne tapware adds a touch of elegance to bathrooms with softer colour palettes while blending in harmoniously in any bathroom setting.


Combined with sophisticated marble floors or statement walls, its simplicity creates a sophisticated timeless bathroom design. The flawless finish of Chrome is timeless and commonly referred to as the obvious choice for renovators, builders and home-owners alike.

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