Koi Came Alive With Tommy Chen


There are many talented artists in Malaysia but only one name came to mind when you mentioned the word ‘koi’ – Tommy Chen. His obsession for koi has been perfected with a distinctive stroke and style of his own signature creation. With more than 30 over years of experience, he has successfully developed the koi fish painting that promotes a calm, smooth, peaceful and balanced flow, followed by quiet dynamic energy. The message he wants to convey through his art is symbolic of the virtues of love, joy, peace and hope to all art collectors and art enthusiasts around the world. He hopes that art collectors would absorb the joyful and positive energy and attitude that exudes through the art.

“Why koi?” we asked. “Koi fish are very expensive because they are beautiful and rare. In the Japan days of old, only the wealthy can afford to rear koi fish,” he quipped. “While visiting a resort in Malacca, I saw two groups of koi in a pond, which is shaped like an ‘eight’ figure. When the two schools of fishes crossed each other’s path, they don’t collide but instead, flow aside in natural harmony. I find it fascinating on how they are able to synchronize so perfectly.” That’s how his first love for koi blossoms.

Hailed from the historical town of Parameswara, Tommy Chen is an accomplished artist well known for his ‘koi art impression’ in Malaysia and South East Asia. Since he won the 1st Wang Yao Art Scholarship and graduated from the Fine Art Department, Malaysia Institute of Art in 1990, he never looked back. He had held art exhibitions from Galeri Dunia Seni Lukis to National Art Gallery in Malaysia, from the 5th Biennale Print Exhibition to the 5th Asian Art Exhibition, Taiwan and all-over South-East Asia.

You may still be able to see some of his collections in the hallways of Public Bank, Nestle Products, National Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, and many more. Some of his art is collected by private and corporate collectors from Shanghai, HK, Japan, USA, UK, Germany, Australia, Singapore and the list goes on.

Being a devout Christian, Tommy would artfully hide Bible Scriptures into his painting as well wishes and he personally prays and blessed every piece of his art that the art collector may enjoy good health and prosperity. At late, he had a calling to extend his painting to a new theme Soaring Eagle, under The Majestic Series.

To view or commission Tommy’s painting, please contact 016-9867267 or email tommy@myartistbusiness.com. You may also view http://myartistbusiness.com